Friday, May 27, 2011

Custom Designer Dog Collar Charms #DogCollarCharms

Meet Jack! He is our wild Yorkie who loves to play. He loves the dog park, however after his wild puppy play date he had a couple of months ago he can no longer go to the traditional dog park. Well... not until he gets fixed. Since we have been working on making his surgery arrangements we have been going to the local park to play with other local dogs. It is not a traditional dog park because everyone leaves their dogs on the leash. It is nice because we have been able to get to know the dogs and owners who bring their dogs to the park. We also get to meet our friends and family who like to bring their dogs and hang out with us. 

Our kids have really become attached to some of the dogs we meet and socialize with. We wanted to plan to bring the kids favorite dogs a little present to thank them for being such good friends. We wanted something unique and different. Then we found

We collected pictures of our dog and our two favorite dogs. Ella loves Annie (a basset hound) so much that she wanted the charm to be a picture that she drew. She worked really hard and drew this beautiful picture of Annie to go on the dog charm. Annie is her favorite dog in the whole world.

We went to the website and first uploaded the pictures. It was so super easy and only took about 3 minutes to complete the entire shopping process.

Next we got to select a color for the backing of the charm.

Then it was time for a fast and easy check-out

Next I went to their facebook page to see other charms people have created.

Yesterday we were so excited to have the charms arrive in the mail. They are really sweet and the images came in a sepia tone. The picture was a little light however it is still just adorable.

This is Jack's charm. He does not wear a collar. He must be multi-jointed because he can chew his collar off. We have never been able to figure out how he can chew a collar off, but he can. I love him so much that I am going to put his charm on my key ring.

Jack was pretty excited when he saw the charms. He can't wait til we go to the park and give his friends their new collar charms. They are going to be really excited when they see what we made for them.

I was compensated for this post as part of a social shopper insights study with #collectivebias. My photos, thoughts and opinions are of my own.


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