Tuesday, May 31, 2011

OC Mom's and Shel Cosmetics Girl's Night In Event

Last week OC Mom's hosted their first girls night for their writers. OC Mom's really cares about their writers and has a strong focus on team building and relationships. They care about their writers on a personal level that really makes them a joy to work for. Shel Cosmetics was at the event to give all the writers makeovers. Shel Cosmetics is high quality custom make-up that is the #1 choice of many Orange County women. We were super lucky to get one-on-one time with this famous make-up artist.

When we first met we enjoyed a yummy dinner of chicken tacos. We got to laugh and enjoy each other's company before the fun with Shel Cosmetics started.

Michelle, the owner of Shel Cosmetics gave an impressive presentation. She taught us about coloring, make-up application and our skin tones. She transformed the entire OC Mom's team into rockin' super models.

Michelle, the owner of Shel Cosmetics has been a professional make-up artist in Orange County for many years. She has been the most sought after bridal make-up artist since I can remember. Many brides beg to have her on their wedding day. While she was a make-up artist she developed this make-up line to create superior make-up with high quality ingredients. She custom designs all the ingredients to ensure all her make-up is high quality with no added chemicals.

The writers at OC Mom's had such a fun girls night in hosted by Shel Cosmetics.

Roxanne and I getting our make-up done


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