Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Review: Barbie Magazine

I could not pass up the opportunity to review the newest Spring edition of Barbie magazine. I loved Barbie when I was little and Ella has been following in my foot steps. The magazine immediately caught my daughters eye with the cute stickers on the cover.
The magazine has stories, comics, interviews and even a Barbie poster for your daughter to hang on the wall of her bedroom. Our favorite part of this edition is the "throw a fairy party" article. It gives you party ideas, what to wear, special treats to serve and even an invitation. Ella can't wait to invite her friends to her first Barbie party.

This magazine is about empowering young girls. I love when publications come out for young girls that helps to lift their self image and does not show images of young girls wearing inappropriate clothes.

You can subscribe online to this great magazine at or call 1-800-999-9718 (8-5pm PST) These are also come online coloring sheets and fun activities on the Titan Magazine website.

We were given a copy of Barbie magazine for review purposes online. My photos, thoughts and opinions are of my own


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