Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Review: New Baby Magic Dustless Patty Cake Baby Powder

Baby Magic has developed the first patented Dustless Baby Powder. This dustless baby powder allows precise application to desired areas of the body, which means no waste or mess in a conveniently sized compact.

There are many benefits to the Patty Cake dustless baby powder:
  • A talc free powder, moisturizer, and lubricant all in one
  • Compact size; easy to carry and travel
  • Precise application
  • Doctor recommended

I love this new patented product developed from a company that I trust. Andrew has always had such severe allergies that I could never trust using baby powder on him because of the large dust cloud that would come up around his face. Now with this new Patty Cake baby powder I can feel comfortable using it on him not having to worry about a large amount of dust for him to breathe.

We were provided with a sample of this product for review purposes only. All my thoughts and opinions are of my own




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