Monday, May 2, 2011

Review: The Three Panda's ipad App

See Here Studio's is the only ipad app that I let my children use. They have some of the cutest stories that are interactive on the ipad for the children to listen to. While the ipad is reading the story the children can touch the different images and they will react to your child's touch.

See Here Studios has just come out with a new app and I was eager to download it and read it with my kids. I actually could not wait and I read it to my husband Steve last night before he went to bed.

It is a spin on the classic story "Goldilocks and the Three Bears," only telling the story with Pandas. You have the option to have the story told in either English or Chinese. I loved this option since I have been working on teaching Mandarin to my children.

so excited that the Panda's interact with him!

What makes this app even more appealing is that a portion of the proceeds will support Pandas International conservation efforts.

The Three Pandas features include:

★ Choose English or Chinese language text and narration
★ Select “Read to Me” for full narration or “Read Myself” to exclude narration
★ Turn on Auto-Play for automatic page turning
★ Learn more about pandas through an educational page and links within the app
★ Record your own voice! Tap the microphone icon in the upper right corner of the page
★ Over 60 touchable interactions in 30 lushly illustrated storybook pages
★ Animated film-like scenes immerse readers in the bamboo forest
★ Full orchestral score and musical sound effects

You can purchase this new app in the itunes store here!

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