Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saving money with online deals - NBC News Segment

This week Vikki Vargas from NBC came out to my home do a segment for online deals. With the economy unsteady the public has become more aware of the need to save money and utilize online coupons. I personally have always found saving money and looking for deals very important. Why pay full price for something that you can get for 1/2 price. Every penny you save using coupons are extra pennies in your bank account. More money in your bank account means a more stable future for you and your family.

All of my readers know that I am an avid gardener. I have a passion for health and nutrition and write a weekly column for OC Moms. For the past three years I have grown almost all of our produce for our family. This past fall we had a large flood that damaged all of my winter vegetables causing me to notice a huge rise in our grocery bill. With the use of coupons I was able to help lower the cost of our food allowing for more of our money to stay in the bank. Our vegetable garden is on it's way back and we are hoping to yield a large crop this summer.

You can see the entire segment here on the NBC website.


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