Friday, July 29, 2011

Family Day in The Park #ParkRazorCrush

Last night we packed a picnic dinner and went to The Great Park to enjoy some family time together. Razor was at the park with all their cool new scooters for kids to ride and "test out" hosted by Blog Crush.

They had the popular spark electric razor scooter that was a huge hit with my kids. The kids can speed around on this cool hip scooter and leave a trail of sparks behind them. This scooter would be the hit of any street, creating it's own fireworks show.

Razor had even brought a chalk scooter. It is a scooter that leaves a trail of chalk! At the end of the evening there was a trail of colorful chalk marks all around the park.

We had a nice relaxing picnic dinner together. The park is such a clean and beautiful place to go with your family. There are so many great things for the children to do together. There is a carousel, balloon rides and even a skate park.

All the kids at the park had brought scooters, bikes and roller blades. After dinner all the children had a fun evening riding around the park together. They had an opportunity to spend time with old and new friends. During the evening Razor hosted a fun scavenger hunt around The Great Park. They first started the hunt using Twitter and it was adorable watching the kids run around with their parents phones attempting to use Twitter to find the clues. I love seeing children embrace technology. For the second half of the scavenger hunt the children got the clues from the loud speakers. As they would announce the clues, the children would all go running off together trying to find the prize.

The kids even worked together trying different strategies on what the next clues were going to be. It was great to see a huge group of children using team work together. They had a blast!

When the evening was ending we were offered a wonderful opportunity to go up into the giant orange balloon. We rushed over just in time to catch a ride, but YES! I chickened out. Andrew tried to beg me to get over my fear of heights, but we agreed that first I need to get over my fear of the Dumbo ride first before attempting the giant balloon.

Tyler and his buddy Mason finished the evening flying airplanes together around the park.

 And became instant Best Friends.

We will have a summer of fun using our Razor scooters.


  1. Your kids are adorable, and so much fun. Since my son is just a bit younger, he ends up just following them around sometimes and I don't even think they notice (or mind). lol. It was a fun night :)

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