Monday, July 11, 2011

Making Connections at Blogher #print4blogher

This is our fourth week in getting prepared for Blogher. Blogher is only a couple of weeks away and before you know if you are going to be on a plane or driving down to San Diego. This is going to be my first time at Blogher, however I have heard that it can be loud and very overwhelming. In this session we learned about how to easily make connections while at Blogher.

Figure out who you really want to connect with at Blogher. Send them an email before you leave for Blogher so you can arrange a time to meet. Once you establish what friends, groups or organizations you want to meet then you can work towards making it happen. At blogher there are so many friends who I have connected with over the past four years that I cannot wait to meet. I have been making arrangements via email to have coffee or working on our schedules together to ensure we have a time we can meet in person. Friendships are so important to me - and it is one of my biggest goals at Blogher this year.

Many of you are still looking for sponsorships. If you are frustrated and feel like it's too late - it's not! You can help benefit a company drastically by representing them at Blogher. You have an insider connection with many bloggers that you can open up to them.
  • You can help by wearing shirts with their logos on it that will be visible to over 3,000 bloggers.
  • You can talk with all your blogger friends about the company who sponsored you.
  • You can offer companies photos and content of you representing them at Blogher
This is the new sponsorship guidelines for Blogher this year:
Therefore, in a change from last year’s guidelines, no sponsor swag, gifts or literature may be distributed within the conference space or the host hotel, directly or indirectly. Such materials will be removed if left lying on any surface within the conference space or hotel. Any bloggers seen indiscriminately distributing materials to attendees will be given a personal warning.

Any second incident, whether of leaving materials on a surface within the conference space or of indiscriminately distributing materials to attendees may result in the attendee’s badge being confiscated and attendance revoked for the rest of the conference.

Networking is a big part of BlogHer events. Of course, many attendees use the traditional business card to exchange information. Some attendees are more creative, offering buttons, bumper stickers, and other similar vehicles for their blog URLs and/or Twitter handles. You may include your sponsor information on such materials.

To be clear: You may include sponsor information on your contact materials that you would exchange in the normal course of networking. You may not pass out sponsor materials.

BlogHer basically established these guidelines so that their conference continues to be an enjoyable, successful event. They’re not trying to restrict your opportunities to get sponsorship funding, they’re just asking you to do so within the boundaries that keep this a positive experience for all attending.

One of the best connections that you can make for Blogher is The UPS Store. They can help you to become prepared for Blogher with their printing services. This can be one of the most valuable connections you could possibly make before leaving.

All of The UPS Store locations are privately owned. That means that they have a vested interest in giving you 110% customer satisfaction. When you walk into your local store they will help you will all of your needs. They can help you with making business cards, post cards, press kits and even help you ship everything to San Diego. There is a The UPS Store location right into the Marriott where you can pick-up all your materials.

I get all of my printing services done at The UPS Store only because I love getting great service and high quality products. Next time you are out in your community, stop by your location and talk with the owner about how they can help you get prepared for Blogher.

I was compensated for this post as part of a social shopper insights study with #Collectivebias. All my photos, thoughts and opinions are of my own.

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