Friday, July 15, 2011

Making a Difference with Probiotics #digestivehealth

I have been feeding my children probiotics for years, however I have neglected myself. Many Mom's will spend so much time making sure their children's health is taken care of that they forget about their own. About a month ago I finally started thinking about my health too and start a new probiotic.

Many studies have suggested that probiotics can help with:

•irritable bowel or Cron's disease
•delay in the development of allergies in children
•decreasing the risk of some cancers
•oral health
•side affects of antibiotic therapy
•keeping healthy people healthy

When our bodies consume probiotics, it helps control the amount of bacteria in our bodies. When you take an antibiotic you not only kill the strain of infection, but you also kill off the friendly bacteria. This friendly bacteria is important because it helps your body fight off the bad bacteria. While undergoing antibiotic therapy, probiotics can help to keep your intestinal flora in proper balance.

A healthy digestive system is important for children and adults to maintain a strong immune system. Children get sick often, and end up taking antibiotics frequently, which can lead to diarrhea. Research shows that some probiotics, when used with antibiotics, can reduce diarrhea by 75 percent.

I started taking the 4x Probiotic. Just like most nutritional supplements, I did not notice a huge difference right away. Then after about 3 weeks of taking the probiotic I started to see some subtle changes in my digestive health. I started to become more regular and certain foods did not upset my stomach.

Probiotics or (pro biota, meaning "for life") are live microorganisms that are already found in a normal digestive system. These microbes are playing an important role in keeping people healthy and have a large amount of health benefits associated with taking the right amount.

If you have not started taking a probiotic I would highly recommend that you start taking one.

I was compensated for this post as part of a social shopper insights study with #collectivebias. All my photos, thoughts and opinons are of my own.

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