Monday, July 25, 2011

Preparing for Blogher Week #6 Proofing Your Materials #Print4Blogher

By now most everyone has already ordered their materials to bring to Blogher. If you have not, The UPS Store can get you your materials made quickly. Before you order your printing materials it is important to proof everything. Nothing is more disappointing than ordering materials and then noticing a typo after you have received them.

I recently ordered my business cards at The UPS Store. They helped me to custom design my cards and also helped me find the best places to put my information on the cards. The owner of the store where I went showed a lot of pride in the work he did for me and the result was amazing. You can see how my cards were designed in this article here.

When creating your business cards
  • Make sure they easily identify you
  • Make them easy to read
  • A Great design will stand out!
  • Ensure they are standard size business cards.
Information to include on your business cards:
  • Your name/business name/logo
  • Blog URL and email address
  • Social media information
  • Phone number
  • Address (If you are concerned about the safety of sharing your address you can get a PO Box at The UPS Store that will have a real street address)
  • Photo of you
  • Optional QR code
After you have designed and created your card it is time for proofing. If you order your business cards at The UPS Store, they can also help you with proofing.
  • Read, Read and Read aloud your information
  • Be consistent in your capitalization
  • Have someone else read and proof read them
  • Read them backwards to check for misspelled words
I was compensated for this post as part of a social shopper insights study with #collectivebias. All my thoughts and opinons are of my own


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