Sunday, July 17, 2011

Preparing for Blogher Weekly Lesson #5 #print4Blogher

I can't believe that Blogher is only 3 weeks away! My schedule is all planned, parties all RSVP'd and my clothes picked out. I realized that I was only missing one thing - printing materials. Before I decided what kind of printing materials I would need I first attended the #print4blogher session on preparing your printing materials.

The best place to get all your printing materials done is at your local The UPS Store. They are all individually owned and you can get great one-on-one service. I am planning on taking all my material to our local store next week! I can't wait to share with you what they help me design.

In preparing your material you will want to include some important things:
  • You will want to create and include a tag line. Keep your tag line short and simple, but make sure it represents who you are.
  • Have them include your contact info, blog name, tag line, social media links etc. Make sure that it is not too crowded when you add all your info.
  • If you want to include links to specific articles on your blog include links to help keep them short and clean.
  • You might want to consider including your address so that people can mail you follow-up paperwork. If you are concerned about the safety of giving out your address you can get a PO Box at your local The UPS Store and it will have an actual street address instead of a (PO Box) address.
  • Keep it clean!
  • You can upload your design to The UPS Store website and simply go into the store to pick-up your materials!
Your printing materials will help you to be a huge success at Blogher. Using high quality printing products will help you stand-out. The UPS Store can help you to achieve these goals. Head down to your local The UPS Store, tell them you are going to Blogher and see how they can help you to achieve your goals.

I was compensated for this post as part of a social shopper insights study with #collectivebias. All my thoughts are of my own.

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