Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Makeup That Won't Let You Down

While I was at Blogher I only wore Shel Cosmetics. The best thing that I love about this cosmetic line is that I do not have to constantly be re-applying it. I was walking long distances in heels while carrying lots of bags and yet my make-up help up great. On Saturday my schedule had been so hectic that I did not have time to go back to my room and freshen up before the parties started, yet I still got many compliments on how I looked. After Blogher I am forever a fan of Shel Cosmetics.

Shel Cosmetics is having a super sale happening now on their website. You can save 30% plus get free shipping! There is no minimum and free shipping. To take advantage of the sale enter promo code summer2011 and it expires in three days!

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