Thursday, August 25, 2011

Toddler to Tween Room Makeover Update #2 #GliddenGallons

We are only a couple of days into Andrew's room makeover and I am already getting a little frustrated. It feels like we have only destroyed his room instead of making it any better. So far we have torn out an entire wall, began sorting through his closet and he can't even sleep in there anymore. We could not find any of Andrew's underware today so he had to squeeze into a pair from his four year old brother Tyler...ouch!

We found some crazy things stacked in his closet. Tupperware containers with old baby diaper bags, baby clothes and all of his baby shoes. We have already filled 12 trash bags full of things to giveaway or donate! I thought that storage was such a problem in his room and now I think it was just that we needed to clean-out and flush out all the baby stuff. It is definately a much more in depth project than I thought it was going to be, but in the end we will all be happy we did this.

Here is the picture of his room when we started on Saturday:

Here is a current picture of his room today:

We are definately feeling a strong push to get this room back together so Steve and I won't have Andrew in our bed for too long.

Here are our other two room makeover updates:

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