Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Walt Disney Animations Studios Archives D23

The D23 expo is in only two more days! One of the most exciting parts of the expo is going to be the artifacts that will be on display from the Disney Archives. There are going to be items all around the expo that have never been seen by anyone outside of the archives. I love Disney, but I also love all of the rich history behind it.

Last month I had an amazing opportunity to be invited into the Disney archives at The Disney Animation Studios. It is filled with classic toys that I remember as a child, every possible Disney book published and personal items from Walt Disney.

While in the archives we got to see something extra special. Disney had just acquired a jacket from the movie Mary Poppins that was found in someones attic. It was like looking a piece of artwork. The stitching and labor that went into the beauty of this garment was overwhelming. When I got home I had to watch Mary Poppins again just to see the jacket in the film again.

You can watch our slide show to see a sneak peak of the culture you will be introduced to at D23. There is still time to purchase tickets online at the D23 website.


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