Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Fresh New Start

In just a couple of weeks my kids will have the amazing opportunity to attend school at a new charter within our district. Every parent wants the best education for their children and charter schools are a great opportunity for many children. All of the funding for charter schools goes directly where it should go - to the children! Public school has changed so much since I was a kid. Charter schools are a fantastic option for parents who are passionate about making a difference in their children's public school education.

There was a huge lottery where hundreds of parents attempted to get their children into this charter. We were so lucky to be drawn in the lottery allowing our children to go. Last weekend the school kicked off the beginning of the school year with a huge family picnic. Our family came down and celebrated the beginning of a new start!

Our kids had the chance to play games, eat yummy food and make new friends. The amazing part of this day was that almost all the food, raffle prizes and activities were donated from local vendors in our community who support the new school.

All the meat at the picnic was provided by The Meat House

The kids were putting on school tattoo's at the picnic

We are so excited about starting the new school year at a new school.

Oxford's Charter sister school in Chino scored 957/1000 on the California State tests which is #1 in San Bernardino County. That is just a sign of the amazing opportunity my children are going to have for a better future and a better education.


  1. That is so wonderful! have you found out if Ella will get in too?

  2. I am really happy for you!! Our kids go to a charter school too, and I know they aren't all fantastic but this one is!! We were so blessed to get into the lottery (and I'm not the kind of person that uses the word 'blessed' about everything...). My son has some issues he needs help with and I just found out they have an OT there 3 days a week, plus the parent involvement is amazing and that makes a huge difference. Congrats, I hope you have a great experience there!!

  3. @Michelle So far just independent study for Ella. There is still a possibilty she will get in at the last minute to full day session

  4. @Jen Thank you so much. I agree...I feel so blessed that my kids have this chance. I am so glad to hear that you have had a great experience at your charter. :)


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