Monday, September 5, 2011

It's almost time for Halloween! #KmartHalloween #Cbias

Ella & Tyler shopping for Halloween costumes on

Steve and I at our Halloween Party last year

Halloween will be here before you know it so now is a great time to get prepared early. This weekend the kids and I shopped online at Kmart for their Halloween costumes. Although I wanted to purchase some Halloween decorations, I felt that getting the kids costumes early would allow me more party planning time as Halloween gets closer. Kmart has 20% off all their Halloween costumes and free shipping on all costumes over $39.99! The selection on Kmart's website is very large. The selection is bigger than I have found while shopping in stores. We even found some really unique costumes that we have not seen before in any stores.

We love to dress-up a lot on Halloween

We have a huge party every year and these costumes we picked out will be the hit of the party.

At our Halloween party we invite all of our friends. Everyone comes in their best costumes and we party. We decorate our house with large blow-up decorations and tons of lights. We play games and Steve usually sets up a haunted house on the porch. We have had some great memories from our annual Halloween party.

Here are some tips we have to making a Halloween party fun:

  1. Make cute invitations to send out to your friends
  2. Start planning early. If you wait until last minute the party can be stressful and hard for you to enjoy. Start early and take your time planning.
  3. Make it a potluck. Food can sometimes be the most stressful part of the party. If everyone brings a dish that is one less thing you have to plan. It is sometimes even better because there will be a large variety of food for your guests to enjoy
  4. Keep it simple. The more simple the party, the more fun it is.
  5. Plan fun games to keep the kids busy. The best part of a Halloween party is all the fun games you can play with the kids like bobbing for apples, a worm jar, etc. Get creative and have fun planning the games.

Online shopping at Kmart is super easy. We found this very cool costume for Dad. He is going to be the marshmallow guy from Ghostbusters and I am going to sew myself a "girl" style ghostbuster costume. If they had a women version of the Ghostbuster costume then that would of been even better.

This is the first year I am allowing Andrew to be something scary. He is almost 10 years old and he won't be Peter Pan again for me. Although he has not seen the movie he wanted to be the bloody scream.

Tyler insisted on being Captain America. When we first looked online he wanted to be everything! Then we narrowed his selection down to either Captain America or Bumblebee from Transformers. This was his final choice and I thought it will make a cute costume.

Ella spent at last two hours shopping online. She looked at every costume and zoomed in on all the details. She picked out this cute ladybug costume. Our neighbor Hanna wore this costume two years ago and it was super cute.

The prices were very reasonable. I have never been able to purchase this many costumes for $130 plus free shipping.

 Being able to check out with Paypal also made shopping quick and easy.

Kmart then gave me a confirmation right away.  The kids can't wait to get their costumes in the mail. Now I have one less thing to worry about this Fall.

We let the kids pick-out all their own costumes. They had so much fun having the freedom to pick-out whatever they want to be.

Don't Mummy Around and get your costume's early!

I was compensated for this post as part of a social shopper insights study with Collective Bias. All my photos, thoughts and opinions are of my own.


  1. Great job! My son would love the Captain America one! I like how you let the kids dress up to do their shopping. looks like they had lots of fun. And of course i want to see pics of your husband dressed as Stay puff...hehehe

  2. How much do I love the fact that your kids dress up to look for costumes?! Your family is so much fun!!!

  3. Love all of your costume choices for this year! The Marshmallow Man is hilarious. I LOVE that takes PayPal.

  4. How fun!! I love the costumes they picked out and thanks for the party tips!

  5. I love how into Halloween you guys are. The paypal payment option is a HUGE bonus to shopping with Kmart.

  6. WOW I never knew KMarts took PayPal now I am really wanting to shop there. I just wish they where still in Texas so I could go to the store although online is OK too. Dressing your kids up to look for costumes is just to cool. I liked all the ones you picked out and can not wait to see what you choose.

  7. Sounds like you have a great time at Halloween. I love the lady bug costume.

  8. Don't you love how thorough kids are when choosing something? I think you'll all have a great time this year in your new gear. :) p.s. love the mummy pic. lol

  9. I love the Mario themed son would love it!

  10. Okay...your kids need to be in the movies...they are real hams! I am loving the costumes they wear while shopping online for new costumes! I think my son would like the Captain America costume too, if he fit in it! I wish you lived closer--you would be so much fun to have at our parties!

  11. Love the gorilla at the keyboard! Great party tips too. Thanks.

  12. My boys went as Mario and Luigi last year and everyone loved it. They even had people stop and take pictures of them!

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