Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Magic of the Tooth Fairy

It's something that Ella has been waiting for since Kindergarten. When all of her friends started loosing their teeth for some reason she did not. Then over the summer we noticed that she started to grow "shark teeth" or a second row of bottom teeth. After a trip to the dentist we agreed that we would work on wiggling her teeth daily in hopes that they would come out naturally. Unfortunately, September came and the teeth were not even close to coming loose. We headed to the dentist to have her teeth pulled this week and it was a huge success!

Ella was very worried that it was going to hurt, but it was a painless procedure. After the dentist pulled the teeth we saw that they were still extremely long. We learned that they probably would not have come out on their own.  When we got home Ella started getting worried about the tooth fairy. She told us that she was afraid of her and then had a lot of trouble falling asleep. Steve and I kept coming into her room and it was past 2am before she finally gave up her fear of the fairy and fell asleep.

When she woke-up she found golden fairy dust covering her pillow, some money and an empty tooth case.

Since her new teeth had already grown in she won't have the cute little gap that Andrew had, although she still has a lot more teeth to loose.


  1. She's lucky she got a generous tooth fairy! I think mine was on a budget. Maybe if more good dentists go with dental SEO marketing, more kids would get as lucky.

  2. That tooth container is adorable. I wish our dentists Collierville would give away something like that on our next visit.

  3. She's so cute and adorable. I'm glad she's not as afraid as other kids to the dentist. It's great thing, that at her young age, you educate her about the benefits of a good oral hygiene.

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  4. Losing your first tooth can be a scary thing as a kid. The Tooth Fairy is there to help with this moment. As a parent, you sometimes wonder, how do you handle the actual losing of the tooth and what is the going rate for a tooth these days anyways?

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  5. Its' really fun to see kids believing in the tooth fairy, I still do it to my daughter sometime.
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