Saturday, September 3, 2011

Paying it Forward #ClearAmerican #Cbias

We love shopping at Walmart. I care a lot about saving money and staying on a strict budget. It is not going to be long before we have three kids in College, so we are preparing now. With coupons and Walmart's low prices we keep our family household costs very low.

This past week the kids and I were shopping at Walmart for all our back to school supplies. While driving into the Walmart parking lot the kids noticed a homeless person sitting on the corner with a sign begging for money. It was well into the high 90's and they were so sweet to feel like they might be thirsty. While shopping in Walmart the kids picked out some flavored Clear American water for the people. I thought it was so sweet and compassionate of the kids.

After we were done shopping we walked across the parking lot in the heat to bring the people some Clear American water. As we approached them they put their hands out. The children approached them and said, "We thought you might be hot and wanted to give you some flavored water." Slowly I watched their hands go down and the smile that my kids had on their face turn into frowns and they told them, "No!"

At first we did not know how to respond. I then told the people how the children just wanted to give them some water to help them stay cool in the heat. They then responded with, "We don't want your water, only your money." Then Tyler broke down crying.

We quickly left the corner out of fear that they might attempt to rob me and made a quick dash to the car. The kids were pretty upset that night about what had happened and they made these videos to express their feelings.

Tyler had the best response of them all.:
The next day the kids were out playing when the gardeners drove up. They ran inside and got a huge cup of ice and gave them a bottle of Clear American flavored water. The gardeners were so happy and grateful for the kids thinking about them in the heat.

The kids also enjoyed drinking the Clear American water. This was their first time drinking flavored water with the exception of a little lemon in their water. Tyler loved it and actually chugged an entire bottle. I think it will be the perfect treat for the kids to enjoy on special occasions. It has 0 calories, 0 sodium, 0 caffeine and 0 sugar.

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I was compensated for this post from Collective Bias, who is a vendor for Cott Beverages inc., the manufacturer of Clear American brand beverages. The shopping at Walmart was part of a social shopper insights study. All my photos, thoughts and opinions are of my own.


  1. How awful!! I can't believe people wouldn't take the water from the kids! :( Glad though that they were able to have a nice experience sharing with the gardeners!

  2. I'm sorry that your kids had a bad experience just trying to do something nice! But it seems like they all learned from it...I mean "It was FLAVORED water and it's really good"!! Your kids are adorable and yes Clear American is REALLY good water!

  3. How sad Shelby, my heart hurts for your kids. Make sure to tell them that not every experience is like that, some people are so desperate, and they think money will solve that desperation.

    A few weeks ago, we saw a man begging on the side of the road. It was 115 degrees out, and I had just bought a few bottles of water for my son and I. When we saw the man, we gave him our bottles of water, because here in AZ, people can die if they don't get water--he was very surprised and thankful. We knew he needed it, and felt good that we could help him.

  4. That's too bad that happened. The kids looked so happy before.... but like you said the Gardeners were so happy to take the water. I have tried the water and love it.

  5. this is a beautiful story as the reward is in the act of giving, not the response. this was a beautiful, loving act of kindness regardless of the outcome!!!

  6. Sad life lesson indeed but at least they were able to pay it forward the next day. Glad you were there to encourage them to keep up the mission. And might I say, you're little drama queen gave quite a winning performance with "I can't BELIEVE they wouldn't take the water, it's FLAVORED!" and then that pout at the end. And the Oscar goes to....LOL!

  7. Okay... Where's the disclaimer that says I need a tissue before watching the videos? I've only watched one and I'm so so sad. Your kids are amazing and it's sad that we can't shelter them from the cruelty in the world.

    I'm headed to a family event and don't want to show up with red eyes. Will watch the other two when I return. But I'll be prepared with tissues!

  8. Sorry Nicole. Yes! A tissue is a must for all the video's except for the last one. The kids learned a hard lesson, but an important one.

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