Friday, October 14, 2011

How do you celebrate?

In our house, Halloween is not all about candy, it's about having fun! We love to do crafts, dress-up and decorate our house. I like to keep the focus of holidays away from loading my kids with sugar, and focus on creating special memories together. We always spend the entire first weekend of October decorating our house. We all do it together as a family, carefully deciding where to place our decorations. We always end the day cooking dinner together, and telling stories together by the fire pit on the porch. My kids are still talking about the day we spent decorating for Halloween together.

This year we got some new Halloween decorations, since our giant light-up spider web did not work anymore. We got a very fun dancing mummy that sings, "Thriller." We also got a fun light-up skeleton in the window.

How do you celebrate?


  1. I heard a great idea I am going to try this year: I am going to dress up as a "Candy Witch". The candy witch takes all of the trick or treating candy (except for a handful of favorites) the night of the 31st, and leaves a sweet toy in its place. Both my boys are on board with this idea!

  2. Love the big blow up ghosts in the yard! We celebrate by decorating the apartment, baking treats, making crafts, and of course carving pumpkins!! You can read all about it and see pictures in my article over at OC Moms.


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