Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Made the Switch to Peet's! #PeetsCoffee #Cbias

I love a good quality cup of coffee. I usually have a cup of coffee when I wake-up in the morning, and one after dinner. I was purchasing Starbucks coffee for years, until a couple of weeks ago. I love having a cup of coffee on my front porch in the morning, with my girlfriend Courtney, who lives across the street. The first time she brought over Peet's I looked at her pretty funny. She insisted that I give it a try, and with it being the only coffee we had, I easily gave into peer pressure. I took one sip, and I immediately noticed a huge difference in the flavor. After that I was hooked!

Any coffee place can make a fancy cup of coffee or latte, however not many places make a great cup of regular coffee. Peet's makes the best cup of coffee I have ever had. I have been buying their whole beans and tea directly from the store, until I recently learned that they sell it right in my regular grocery store.

Since Steve's office is drinking Foldger's Coffee (no comment), I decided to get a bunch of Peet's to send with him to work. I can't wait to hear what the people in his office think of the new coffee! Plus, I was able to save $3 using the coupon I got from their website

When I got home, I ground up some of my favorite Peet's Coffee beans, and made myself a delicious black cup of coffee. After grinding and brewing the beans, the entire house smelled of flavorful coffee. It is my favorite scent to wake my husband up to every morning. Every morning, I have him come down for a fresh cup of coffee, and a homemade breakfast just waiting for him to enjoy.

You can still find Ella and I hanging out at the Peet's, at least twice a week, after we drop Tyler off at school. I do a lot of my writing there, while she does her school work. It is also the favorite hangout for one of the desperate housewives of OC. (We all know those girls only go to the best places in OC) 

 If you like tea, Peet's also has a killer selection of teas in their stores.

I was compensated for this post as part of a social shopper insights study with #Collectivebias. All my photos, thoughts, opinions and love for good coffee are my own.


  1. I haven't tried Peets Coffee. But after what you said that you have noticed a huge difference and it tastes so great that you are now enjoying it daily, now I should I also try it.

  2. The coffee has a unique taste. You can prepare it in the kitchen with added ingredients as well.


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