Friday, October 7, 2011

Interview with Dakota Goyo From Real Steel #RealSteel

Photo Courtesy of Disney
You are such an accomplished actor already, what are your hopes for the future?
Dakota: “I really want to continue to act, maybe start directing in my future.”

How much preparation went into your role as an actor in Real Steel?
Dakota: “Memorizing the dance routines was one of the hardest things to prepare for. I had one hour to learn a two minute routine. I would work on the set for 9 ½ hours a day for 72 hours straight.”

What was the coolest thing about being an actor in Reel Steel?
Dakota: “The coolest thing was getting to work with Robots. I have always loved Robots since I was a kid.”

Photo Courtesy of Disney
How did your parents feel about you doing all your own stunts?
Dakota: “My Mom was scared. She did not like me doing all the stunts, but I loved it. The worst part about sliding down the hill where atom caught me was all the water and mud.”

Did you really drink all those Dr. Peppers?
Dakota: “Yes, but they actually were not Dr. Peppers in the cans. They were filled with Diet Coke. I would have been too wild if I had drunk all those Dr. Peppers.”

What was your favorite scene in the movie?
Dakota: “My favorite scene was when I was when I was dancing in front of the Motel with Atom. I also really enjoyed washing him down in the ally to discover his name.”

What drew you to want to act in Real Steel?
Dakota: “Getting the chance to work with nine foot tall robots. Hugh Jackman was awesome and one of the nicest guys in the universe. I had four auditions before getting the role. First I sent in a tape, and then I was asked to send in another tape. They flew me out to LA once by myself and then again with Hugh. After that I got the role!”

Real Steel Opens in theaters today! October 7th!


  1. That interview with Dakota was great fun. Real Steel is so much better than the trailer.

  2. I thought it was especially cute when he said "I've loved robots ever since I was a kid" - because he's so darn old now.

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