Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Let your Freak Flag Fly at Shrek The Musical #ShrekonTour

After Shrek was evicted from the swamp, he made his way to The Segerstrom Center for the Arts, in Costa Mesa. Tickets are still available for purchase online until the cast heads back to Duloc on October 16th.

We have been long time Shrek lovers, and I did not know what to expect before seeing the play. Would the kids stay in their seats? Would it be children friendly?

I brought all three of my children by myself ages 9,7 and 4. When the curtain rose the laughs immediately began. The cast was interactive with the audience, and we spent most of the play laughing, just like we did when we first saw the movie.

The character of Pinocchio is played by Luke Yellin who is from Orange County (born in Newport Beach and raised in Costa Mesa.) 

The costumes in the show were amazing!It takes two hours to transform the actor into Shrek for each performance and 45 minutes to turn him back into a human! There are 120 wigs in the show; some are made from human hair, some are synthetic!

Our favorite part of the show was when the dragon came out. The dragon was so realistic, and it fascinated my children. In the show, there are two remote-controlled rats and a fart flower operated by prop people. The life-sized dragon is operated by four puppeteers; one controls the head and eyes, one flaps the wings, one moves the body and one moves the tail. 

"Just when ya think life can't get any worse, ya get evicted from the swamp!"

Hurry and purchase your tickets to Shrek the Musical, before it leaves Orange County. Tickets are starting at $20 each.


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