Monday, October 10, 2011

Support Orphan Sunday

Each year on the first Sunday of November groups around the nation reflect, and remember the plight of the 143,000,000 orphan children around the world.

143 Million orphans...
....without hope
....vulnerable to human trafficking

So many children - so many needs - what can you do?

Yes! You care.
Yes! You will add your voice in prayer.
Yes! You will add your support today.

Become a STAR in the Orphan Galaxy. 143,000,000. A number too big, too overwhelming for one person or one organization. But when you join with many other STARS in the Orphan Galaxy you do make a difference!

S upport orphans and orphanages.
T rain orphans aging out of orphanages with life skills.
A ssist families adopting older and special needs children.
R estrict the vulnerability of orphans to trafficking.
S ponsor orphan tours to the US.


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  2. I applaud this community and organization initiative. Orphans are among the most vulnerable in society and we all have a responsibility towards them.


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