Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Learn, Create, Share LeapFrog Party #LeapFrogParty

When the news broke about the new LeapFrog LeapPad, I could not wait to get one for Tyler. Would I love to never allow my children use electronics? "Yes." Is that a reality? "Unfortunately, no."

With all three of my children on different school schedules this year, Tyler is stuck in the car for at least three hours a day. There is just no way to avoid it. You can only sing, "The Wheels on the Bus," play the license plate game and make funny faces with each other in the rear view mirror, before you start to get a little wacky.

Since getting the new LeapFrog LeapPad, Tyler is not only entertained in the car, but also learning! We have a rule in our house that it is only to be used in the car. I want him playing with toys and interacting with me directly when we are home.

We were so excited about the new product that we first introduced it at Tyler's birthday party last week. The response from the parents was overwhelming. Parents could not believe how many educational activities are packed into one small electronic device.

Then we followed up by having a neighborhood get together before trick-or-treating on Halloween. We did learning activities with worksheets, played games, read together with the Tag Reading System and just had fun!

Tyler loves the LeapFrog Tag Reading System. I first got this product for Ella a little over two years ago when she first started reading. It was an integral part in helping to teach her to be a successful reader. We have just started using it with Tyler and have been using the Learn to Read set with him before bed. It helps take the "boring" out of reading, and makes it fun!

Tyler is a third generation LeapFrog user in our family. It has been our favorite choice in electronic devices with our children. Andrew learned all his letter sounds by listening to the LeapFrog Letter Factory soundtrack!

You can see how much we believe in this product, by seeing all the products we have purchased over the past nine years. (not including the baby products we have passed on)

some of our LeapFrog Collection over the years

I received a couple of free LeapFrog products in order to host a Learn, Create and Share party. LeapFrog did not influence my opinions or my love for their product that I have had over the years.


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