Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The little Christmas memories

It is not what was under the tree this year that my youngest Tyler will remember, but who came to visit him on Christmas Eve. Every year I talk my husband into dressing up like Santa to visit the children on Christmas Eve.

The children always know that it is just Daddy dressed-up as Santa. Although they know it is Daddy, they still enjoy sitting on his lap and telling him what they want for Christmas. This year was different for our youngest son Tyler. When he saw Santa walk into the house on Christmas Eve, we saw a peculiar sparkle light up in his eyes.

He cautiously approached Santa (aka Daddy) and told him everything that he wanted for Christmas. He took his time and whispered sweet nothings into Santa's ear. When it was time for Santa to leave, he quickly escaped out the upstairs window.

Tyler ran outside to see if he could catch a glimpse of Santa flying away in his sleigh. His experience with having Santa visiting him was the most noteworthy thing he talked about throughout the weekend. He told everyone about how Santa came to visit him at his house.

It is easy to focus on trying to create big memories for our children. Somethings it is the little things that end up becoming the big things in life.


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