Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Welcome the new additions to our family

All Tyler wanted for Christmas was a new pet. He first wanted a guinea pig because of his love for his favorite guinea pig at Zoomar's Petting Zoo. After a friend had mentioned a gecko (not the kind that can offer you lower insurance) to him, he started to be interested in getting one for Christmas.

On Christmas Eve he still had his heart set on getting a new Gecko from Santa, and to his surprise there was one waiting under the tree. He ran past all of his present and went right to get some love from his new Gecko. He originally named him "Christmas tree," but quickly changed to Sid.

I am happy to introduce our newest family member: Sid the Gecko!

When getting some supplies for Sid the day after Christmas Tyler batted his long eyelashes and charmed us into getting him a fish. We could not resist his excitement for having new pets and his desire to take proper care of them. We agreed on getting a beta fish, who he named Cookies.

I am happy to introduce our second newest family member: Cookies the fish!


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