Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beauty and the Beast 3D on the big screen!

Last weekend I took my youngest son Tyler to see the newly re-released movie Beauty and the Beast in 3D at the El Capitan in Los Angeles.

I remember watching Beauty and the Beast in the theatre as a young child, and it became one of my favorite Disney movies. After having children, I would watch Beauty and the Beast with them, but it never felt the same as the time I saw it as a child. Then after taking Tyler to see it in the theatre again, I realized why I fell in love with it so much as a child. It was even more magical than I had remembered. The 3D animation made me feel like I was right inside the castle with Belle.

Tyler with his favorite star from the Disney show Ant Farm
Getting to see a movie that I loved watching in the theatre as a child, now with one of my children, was a surreal experience. Getting to watch it at the El Capitan in a theatre surrounded by all my sons favorite Disney channels stars, made it an experience he will remember for a lifetime. It has been a week since seeing the movie, and he is still talking about how remarkable it was.

Beauty and the Beast 3D is available for families to enjoy across the country. It is an experience that I would highly recommend for your children to enjoy!


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