Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Discover your hidden treasures with Coinstar

Andrew's favorite part about going to the grocery store, is his chance to use the Coinstar machine. He collects coins everywhere he goes, and sometimes cashes them in for a a small fortune. Although we have tried to encourage him to collect more coins before using the Coinstar machine, he loves cashing in his weekly collections.

We made a quick stop at Albertson's on our way home from school this week and Andrew brought his nifty mason jar full of coins with him.

When we got to the Coinstar machine there was already a women cashing in coins, and she was able to collect over $250 from the machine! After she had finishes using the machine, she told me that the machine gave her a coupon for a free liter of soda with her redemption. We were excited to learn that we would also get the same coupon.

I love coupons and use them every time I shop. Although we do not drink soda at our house I could not let the coupon go to waste, so I offered to give it to a charming elderly lady that was shopping for some soda. She was so appreciative because she was living on a limited budget, but needed to have her Grandsons favorite drink for when he would come visit her.

We thought it was so neat that we were able to get coupons along with cashing in our lose coins. The funny part of the shopping trip was that Andrew ended up getting two 1/2 dollars from the cash teller, totally defeating the purpose of cashing his coins for bills. The most valuable thing was that he was happy and told he will forever cherish the 1/2 dollars he got.

You can enjoy seeing more pictures from our shopping trip at Google Plus.

I was compensated for this post as part of a social shopper insights study with Collective Bias. All my photos, thoughts and opinions are of my own.


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