Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My 2012 New Year's Resolution

This year I am attempting to master one of my hardest New Year's resolutions of all time. It is something that I avoid every day like the plague. Our family laundry! Yes - laundry!

While I should be grateful that I don't have to wash clothes with a scrubbing board and a bucket of water like the olden days, I can't help but dread it.

Sorting and cleaning piles of stinky socks and underware has never been my idea of fun. Every week I tell myself that I am going to do my laundry daily, so that I never fall behind. Yet, at the end of every week the dirty laundry is overflowing out of the laundry room.

I never understood how my family collects so much dirty laundry every week. Mounds of dirty towels, soiled blankets, and let's not forget all of Ella's delicate "hang-dry" only outfits from Justice.

This year I kicked off the New Year doing - laundry! I will either do a daily load, or check to see if a load needs to be done - plus I will also fold it!! I will no longer leave baskets of clean clothes in my room for the kids to ravage through to find their favorite pair of Lightening McQueen underware. Everything in 2012 will be cleaned, hung-up and ironed this year!

With not only one kid in baseball next month, but now I will now have two! Twice as many grass and mud stained white baseball pants to clean 3x a week just to challenge my resolution.

I will not quit - I will not give up - I will vow to keep my new resolution in the New Year!


  1. If you only knew how much I hated laundry. With two little mess makers they go through two outfits daily and usually need clean pj's by the time they actually go to bed. I've said so many times that I wish I could afford to have someone come in and just do laundry, fold it, then put it away for me!

  2. lol, good luck Shelby! I don't mind doing laundry but that's only because I don't fold them or put them away. We totally ravage through random piles to find what we want to wear. I usually pick out whatever is on top of the heap. ha!

  3. I can so totally relate to this, it made me truly laugh out loud. My downfall is the putting away part - I actually have 4 baskets of folded clothes ready to be put away. What a great resolution!

  4. EEEK! Laundry is my dreaded enemy. Well, not so much the washing part, but the folding. In fact, from here I can see the big heap of clean, but unfolded, laundry on my dining room table. I'd better take care of that before our next diner party. :)

  5. I get to do my mechanic husband's laundry too, so I feel you! I tend to work at it 2x a week, since I can get a big pile of clean stuff on the bed, make the husband watch my son and just fold while watching TV. I hope your endeavor goes well!


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