Saturday, February 18, 2012

D23 75th Anniversary of Disney Animated Features Special Edition Spring Magazine

I just recently opened the mail to see the newest issue of the D23 magazine. It is complete with some the most beautiful Disney animation my eyes have ever seen. When I visited the Disney Animation Studios archives last month, I had a rare opportunity to see some of this art beautiful artwork in real life.

Members of D23 have many unique behind the scenes opportunities. Members also get access to special events and the collector issues of D23 magazine. Becoming a member is easy, and registration is available online at D23 is the official Disney fan club!

We were provided with a complimentary copy of the D23 magazine and a tour of the Walt Disney Animation Studios. All our thoughts and opinions are of our own.


  1. Gorgeous photos! What a cool, insider event! D23 seems like a very cool, exclusive club!

    1. Thank you! It is a fun club to be a member of. We love Disney!

  2. AMAZING!!!! I am simply in awe of those photos... not that we saw black and white as a kid but it brings me back!

    1. Thank you. It was pretty powerful getting to see the pictures in real life. There were so many talented artists that created this movie.

  3. Your photos are awesome! That reminds me....I need to become a's on my to do list LOL!

  4. Yeah! D23 benefits are the best.

  5. My kids love all things Disney. That is awesome. Just checking out other bloggers who are doing the Quaker Challenge through Blog Frog (I am as well) ;). My blog is about food and nutrition- come check it out if you have time!

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