Thursday, February 9, 2012

One beat at a time #NourishWhatCounts

Have you ever been touched by a family member with a heart condition? I have!

One night when I just 17 years old, my father came home from walking the dog. I did not understand why I was being rushed into the car in the dark of the night. My Mom speed her red Volvo through the dark of the night saying, "everything is going to be ok...everything is going to be ok."

As we pulled-up to the Emergency room doors, a nurse took my father away in a wheel chair.

The next time I saw my father, it was one of the most painful experiences of my childhood. My father was in the ICU with a tube coming out of his open chest cavity. He was unable to talk, and tears were flowing from his sick and weak eyes.

After the doctors had repaired his heart, it would be months of recovery. I went on Independent Study for six months of my most important years of High School, to help care for him while my Mother worked.
I love my Father so much, and his loving heart even more.

Having a healthy heart is very important to me, and I am reminded of how important it is every time I see his "zipper" on his chest while swimming at their pool.

I have joined the Quaker Heart Health Challenge, by working-out and every day to help keep my heart healthy.

Having a history of heart disease in my family means it is even more important that I care for my heart - keeping it beating - one beat at a time. I encourage you to join me too!

Joining the Quaker Heart Health Challenge is my first step towards becoming a healthier me. Now I’m curious to know, what motivates you to stay healthy?

For your chance to win $750 complete these two steps:

1.Share the Challenge with your friends
2.Tell us that you’ve invited your friends to join the Challenge AND share what motivates you to stay healthy below


  1. Oh my, that must have been so scary! Thank you for sharing your story. xo

  2. That must have been a really difficult time. Your father is lucky to have you.
    I've been eating oatmeal almost every morning lately. I'm less likely to snack the rest of the morning if I do.

  3. What a hard time for you!

    My kids love oatmeal! it's so nutritious i'm glad they like it, there's always quaker at my home.

  4. That must have been scary....I am an avid proponent of taking care of my heart...there is a family history so I'm very cognizant of knowing my numbers and watching what I eat


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