Sunday, April 1, 2012

Movie Review: Mirror Mirror

The new movie Mirror Mirror, staring Julia Roberts, opened into theaters this weekend. I recently attended the red carpet premiere, and got a sneak peek at the movie. I was excited to see the movie before I even attended, because of the talented director. I had learned after listening to an interview with Julia Roberts, that the whole reason she decided to do the film was because of the director.

My thoughts on the film - if you are fearful about introducing your children to black magic, then it is not for your children. The movie shows the "dark side" of black magic in a way that children can easily interpret.  If you are ok with it, then take them along.

I felt that the movie was magical, and that the cinematography was wonderful. I caught myself laughing out loud numerous time at parts of the film, especially the part where Armie Hammer licked Julia Roberts. We all know Armie Hammer is not a small guy, yet he leaped right onto Julia Roberts. I am surprised that she did not get hurt while filming that scene.

The music was amazing, in fact I watched the film while sitting next to one of the music writers. There was so much young talent that went into the music on this film that it would actually be a movie that I would put on in the car. (Since the kiddos have broken all the head sets, and I can only "listen" to a movie - making the music very important when selecting an in-car movie).

Overall, the movie was a great success. I would recommend seeing it in theaters over the upcoming Spring Break.

Photos are courtesy of Relativity Media. I was provided with tickets to pre-screen the movie. All my thoughts, and opinions are of my own.


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  2. Great review, I cannot wait to see this movie, the pictures on the red carpet are great!

    1. Thank you April! I hope that you enjoy the film.

  3. How exciting to get to go to a red carpet premiere! I think the cast looks amazing and I sure appreciate you letting me know this is probably not a movie for kids.

    1. Sure! I would just recommend possibly seeing it first, and then making the decision if it is right for your children. :)

  4. You get to go to some cool reviews! Thanks for the heads up about the black magic - I would probably hold off taking my kids at this point but would definitely love to see it for a date night!


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