Friday, April 13, 2012

Support the Ronald McDonald House with eSmiles

This morning the kiddos and I woke-up early to for a visit to one of our favorite local charities, The Ronald McDonald House. I grew-up spending most of my childhood doing charity work in Orange County, and it is important that I encourage my children to commit their time to giving back to our community. Growing-up my favorite local charity was Human Options, and as an adult The Ronald McDonald House has also grown close to my heart.

Why the Ronald McDonald House, when we never even eat McDonalds?

Because five years ago, I gave birth to a sick premature child. Although I was lucky to live close to the hospital, there were many families with children in the hospital that did not. Some parents would drive over an hour to the hospital, only having a few short hours to spend with their sick babies. The Ronald McDonald House is there to help house those families, so that they can be close to their children. When being faced with a child that you do not know will survive, it is important that families be close to the hospital with support from a great charity like The Ronald McDonald House.

After my baby was born, I had to go home. It was the hardest part of having a premature baby.

I needed to get rest because I was weak from the delivery, and complications I had during the pregnancy. I would have given anything to be able to see pictures of my baby while I was away from him. I remember one night at the hospital - I was unable to walk - unable to even sit-up. All I wanted was to see his face. I had panic attacks in my hospital bed, because of the frustration of not being able to be with him. I wanted to see how his face had changed from the last time I was able to visit him.

When I learned that HP was bringing technology into the Ronald McDonald house to bring smiles to the children and families, I was eager to learn more. HP has delivered a printer into the home, where photos can be printed, and placed on the HP Smiles Wall.

When you have a sick baby, you never want to take your eyes off their face. You can't keep a cell phone on, and hold it close to your heart in the same way you can with a printed photo. Giving these families the ability to get photos of their babies sent to them is so valuable.

There are many families that live in the Ronald McDonald house that have families (and other children) that are not with them. Families can email photos to the house for the families living in the house to see. For those times I was sitting in the NICU with my baby, if I was living in the Ronald McDonald house with the eSmiles program, I could have been sent pictures of my other two children who were at home - that I missed so much.

The families in the house are always in need of hope, and encouragement.

The public is encouraged to email photos to the home in hopes of lifting spirits. For every photo that is emailed to The Ronald McDonald House, HP will donate $1 to this charity (which is mostly run on donations).

There is a limited time for this promotion - so start emailing today. Email motivational quotes, and photos of things that will bring smiles to the faces of the families currently living in the home.

HP will only be making the donations until April 15th.

You can email motivational photos to the Orange County Ronald McDonald House at

We are going to offer (5) Happy Meal Coupons to the first five people to email a motivational photo to the Orange County Ronald McDonald House. After you have emailed a photo, please leave a comment below telling us what you sent. After doing both these steps, email me your address for the coupon. (

I was not asked to post about this charity. I was given happy meal coupons during my visit that I am forwarding to my readers. All my thoughts are of my own. 


  1. Hi my name is Shirley. I sent 2 pic one of my son when he was a few days old and one of him today. He was born at 37 weeks but he stopped growing at 33 weeks. So he was considered a Preemie and he had no fluid. I know how the families are feeling and I just wanted too wish all the families luck on their journey and god bless you all

    1. Thank you so much for supporting this great cause!

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