Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ultimate Grilled Cheese Recipe - National Grilled Cheese Day!

It would not be National Grilled Cheese Day, unless we made an ultimate sandwich for lunch!

First: Butter both sides of the sandwich bread.

Second: Layer with freshly sliced Tillamook Cheese (my favorite)

Third: Add freshly sliced tomatoes

Fourth: Add lots of avocado

 Finally spray the bottom of a frying pan with Olive Oil spray. Grill the sandwich at medium heat until the cheese has been perfectly melted.

Enjoy! Happy National Grilled Cheese Day!


  1. OMG that's EXACTLY how I special order my grilled cheese sandwiches at restaurants!!! Happy National Grilled Cheese Day!!

    1. That is so cool! Happy grilled cheese day too!!

  2. Oh yum, Shelby. Is it really National Grilled Cheese day? God Bless America....


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