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Disney 2012 Social Media Moms Inspirational Conference #DisneySMmoms

Day two of the Disney Social Media conference started with a welcome message from none other than Katie Couric @katiecouric. She left us with a message of encouragement to reach for our dreams. It was something that nobody expected, and was a magical way to kick-off a full day of motivational speakers.

Laptops surrounded the tables while attendees tweeted, and shared online the hottest things being learned during the conference. Social Media Mastermind Marcy Massura @Marcymassura rounded up the top tweeters during the conference, and out of 175 - we came in #11. Not too bad for @Glitterfulfelt.

Even Mickey Mouse got busy sending out tweets during the conference.

Rayovac was a sponsor of the event, and kindly donated these decorative charging stations to keep everyone "plugged in" during the event.

The lineup of speakers ended up being some of the most inspirational people I would have the pleasure of hearing speak. I walked away from the day with a completely new outlook on life, and my career. They shared their stories of what inspires them, and tips on how to make our dreams come true.

The conference was hosted by the talented comedian Maryellen Hooper @MaryellenHooper, who kept everyone giggling throughout the day.

The speakers at the event were:

Amy Jo Martin, Social Media Strategist for Digital Royalty @AmyJoMartin, who talked about finding our "why." You can start finding your "why" in life, by thinking of your first, favorite childhood memory. She told us to begin by designing our days, by doing more of what makes us happy. When faced in the business world by being told that she could not have all three: work, family, self - she proved everyone wrong. You can have it all, and be happy. She was my kinda girl.

Ramon DeLeon @Ramon_DeLeon is the marketing mastermind behind Domino's Pizza in Chicago. He has changed the way that companies are looking at social media by making his company accountable for their mistakes. He encourages companies to start demolishing "bad social media disease." He believes that nothing should be hidden and has found creative ways to show the public that his company cares for the community. He documents his life with a series of YouTube videos, and even inspired me to make some funny videos with my children that evening. The world needs more people like Ramon DeLeon, as an example of how to live life to its fullest. All he needs to do is figure out a way for Domino's to start making kale pizza, and he will have won me over as a customer for life.

There were also fantastic speakers such as Peter Shankman @PeterShankman (The Geek Factory). Peter Shankman talked a lot about the "haters" in cyberspace, and how sometimes our "haters" can become our biggest fans. He encouraged everyone to look outside of our comfort zones, because nothing awesome will ever happen inside of it. My favorite quote from him, that I wrote on my inspirational board at home was, "Weeds have mastered the ability to do everything but grown in rows like everyone else." The weeds are often hated, but they are always the survivors who can grow anywhere - so stop growing in rows and be a weed!

Lisa Druxman @LisaDruxman is the CEO and Chief Founding Mom of Stroller Strides. When she was faced with a newborn and the possibility of having to go back to an office job, she followed her passion for fitness and created Stroller Strides. She was very inspirational and even got some Women up on the stage to start doing planks!

The last speaker of the day was the talented Chris Brogan @ChrisBrogan (Human Business Works). My favorite message that I took away from his speech was, "Want a great blog? Write about what other people can take away from you." and "Tools are not awesome - you are awesome." I walked away from his speech feeling, well, pretty awesome!

We also had the pleasure of enjoying our guest lunch speaker, Kimberley Blaine @TheGoToMom (Partner of Sony Electronics).

I could not forget some of the highlights of the conference when Darth Vader made a guest appearance, or when the Fairy Godmother flew over to say, "hello."

It was an honor to hear special guest speakers Meg Crofton, President of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Operations for US and France speak, along with Gary Buchanan (Disney Parks Social Media Team), and Amy Foster (Disney Parks Consumer Insights.)

The day was not over with this magical conference, there was more to come that evening. Stay tuned for an update on the evening that followed all these fantastic speakers.

My final inspirational quotes from the conference were, "Let your children learn from you as a role model - not the people on TV." and "We only have 18 summers with our children, so make every summer count!"

Don't miss reading about Day #1: Pirate Party Launch

We were offered an invitation to attend the Disney Social Media Event, and did pay a fee for the conference and travel expenses. As an attendee of the conference we did receive complimentary items, food, and various park benefits. All of our thoughts and opinions are of our own.


  1. You caught some great shots... I loved those Rayovac center pieces. I had a wonderful time at the event and I wish I were still there. Thanks for sharing your recap.

    Remember you can add all your #DisneySMMoms post links to the linky at

    That same linky will live all year long also at

    Talk soon!

    1. Thank you so much Susan. I appreciate you sharing the link. It was great meeting you at the event. :)

  2. I'm glad you found this to be so inspiring!

  3. Love reading your recap, Shelby! I attended last year's conference and loved it! It sounds like there was a great group of speakers - I just love Chris Brogan and Peter Shankman, they are a wealth of great information! Glad you had a great time

  4. That looks like such an amazing experience! How awesome!

  5. Sounds like you had an amazing time - I always get pumped up by great inspirational speakers, makes you want to hit the ground running.

  6. What an awesome group of speakers, in an awesome place! I'm happy for you that you had such an amazing time; and I'm glad you shared some of the inspiration with us! :)

  7. Shelby, it sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  8. Oh my goodness! We sat at the same table. I still can't figure out how or why we didn't introduce ourselves. I'll blame it on being hypnotized by the magic around me. I'm so sorry.


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