Monday, May 7, 2012

Good-bye sun damage with a non-surgical facelift

I have been struggling for the past couple of years with the condition of my skin. My close friends have known how conscious I am about hiding all the scaring, spotting, and sun damage I have accumulated on my face. I can never leave the house without a thick layer of foundation to help even the tone of my skin - even when just going to the pool with the kids.

I have tried every product on the market, and yet nothing ever seems to work. I have spent countless amounts of money on fancy facials, creams, and peels. Instead of seeing an improvement in my skin - I have watched it get worse over the past year.

I watched my Grandma age prematurely over my childhood, and now I see her same thing happening to my beautiful Mother. When I looked in the mirror six months ago and saw my Grandma - I knew it was time for me to do something now.

I have never been the type of person to hide from the sun. I love it. I have memories of sitting by a pool in Palm Springs as a teenager trying to burn my pearl white skin. I am always outside either working in my garden, riding bikes with my children, or just sitting on the patio in the sun

All those sun loving years have contributed to the major damage I have done to my face. I now have massive sun spots, pre-cancer skin cells, and discoloration to my face.

When I learned about AMA Skincare I knew right away that they were the best place for me to go. They have a holistic approach on all their treatments by stimulating your skin cells to do what they have "forgotten" to know how to do. They had various treatments, but after a consultation with the doctor he felt at the Spectra non-surgical face lift was the best thing for my skin. It will take years off the look of my skin, allow me to finally leave the house make-up free, and stimulate my skin to start producing collagen again.

The day that I went in for the treatment I was very nervous. I had heard so many horror stories about laser treatments, and only my close friends and family really understood how much I needed this. I was fearful of the criticism I would get for wanting to do treatments on my face at such a younger age.

When I first walked in the office I was guided to a fancy massage chair, offered some pain medication, and they began to apply medication to numb my face.

I sat there for an hour with two applications of numbing cream. Then it was time to go into the procedure room.

Then it was time for the procedure to start. I am a naturally born chicken, so I was very scared. After about the first five minutes all my fears went away. I hardly felt a thing!

There was a series of lasers that all felt different. Some felt poky, some felt cool, and some tingled. The doctor walked me through the entire process preparing me for everything that would be happening. There were no surprises in the procedure room.

This was right after the treatment. I was relaxed and not in any pain.

Then I went into a hyperbaric chamber to help speed up the healing process by 24 hours. It was a cool experience to go into a chamber. I had a uphoric experience where I felt almost an "outer body feeling."

My mind felt so clear after getting out of the chamber. I started to feel a little pain from the laser, but it was just like I had gotten a bad sunburn. I took a couple of Motrin, and it took away all the uncomfortableness.

When I got home I looked like I had a bad sunburn that will last for 24 hours, then my face will darken, and then begin to peel.

I will update everyone in a couple of days with the progress of my skin.

After doing a lot of personal research I selected AMA Skincare to care for my most precious asset - my skin. I selected them because of their holistic approach of going beyond repairing my skin, and I could not find another company that could compare. I was provided with treatments that will make a huge difference on the way I look and feel. All of my photos, thoughts and opinions are of my own. 


  1. I love that you're sharing this and demystifying the anti-aging procedures. I blogged not too long ago about my brow lift (which I love!!). I'm seeing those sun spots a comin' so will keep abreast of your recovery and satisfaction. I love your fearlessness!

  2. You look gorgeous! Can I just tell you that I Love and Admire the fact that you shared these pics! Amazing post!!!!

  3. I'm looking forward to the 'after" photos! I have tons of sun damage too (including recurrent but not scary basal cell carcinoma) and have often wondered how to make my skin look better without actual plastic surgery. For now I'm intimidated by stuff that goes beyond OTC creams, though...

  4. I too used to sit in the sun, with baby oil, hoping to tan (burn) my moody. Thanks for sharing. Another option to correct the damage is always a plus!

  5. I am so excited for you to have some pretty new skin! The sun is beautiful, but it can also be destructive. Can't wait to see the after pictures.

  6. Wow....your skin already looks amazing. Brave woman for sharing this but it's important so women can see what is actually involved. I can't wait to see what your skin looks like in person

  7. I just found this blog post and would SO LOVE!!! to see the follow up posts (after pics and your feelings about how successful these treatments were for you). I can't seem to find any of the follow up posts you mentioned you were going to write on your blog (perhaps I'm not looking in the right location), but I think I'm not the only person reading this post who would find your "after" thoughts (and photos!) about these procedures super helpful!! Thanks so much!!!

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