Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

How much did you love this holiday weekend? We sure did! We did something that we have not done in a long time - relaxed. The whole family is walking away from our weekend relaxed and recharged.

Poor Daisy did not even have the energy to destroy this shoe!

Before the weekend started, we had Daisy get her little "snip-snip" done at the fantastic Vet Loving Pets HB. We figured the relaxing weekend could be good for the dog too - with pain killers to boot!

We kicked off the weekend at our club for an 80's date night. The band was a little creepy, but they did have some good grooves! Regardless, Steve and I loved having a couple of hours alone.

Since we are not used to the whole relaxing business, we had ordered a dumpster to cleanout the garage over the weekend. Little did our "pack ratting" minds realize, we filled the dumpster up with just the old little tikes collection we had stored on our side yard.

After that quick "cleanout," we went back to the club for some time in the sun. (Minus the sun for me - remember that little nonsurgical facelift I had?) The kiddos splished and splashed in the water until they could not splash anymore.

The kids spent a lot of time working in the garden. They ate so many veggies from the garden that only a couple made their way into the kitchen for dinner.

The next night we had a last minute BBQ with some friends. We chilled with some good food, good company and a good water gun fight. The kids rode their bikes into the sunset leaving all the Dad's to collect the Nerf gun darts in the darkness of the night.

After all that fun - our weekend was not over. On Memorial Day, we went back for some swimming fun just to realize that the club was hosting a Memorial Day party. The kids played relay races, cannon ball contests and Ms. Ella even won the limbo contest - woot! The place was packed without a chair in sight, but we got lucky and scored a few! There was even a BBQ, snow cones and more!

We enjoyed a fantastic weekend, however, we did not forget the real meaning of it. Having family members who are currently enlisted, we took time out of our weekend to explain to the children how lucky we are to have the freedom to enjoy the weekend!

Of yeah - did I mention we also saw Fabio? Believe it or not - he was not selling butter. So disappointing!

I hope that you had a great weekend! What fun things did your family do?


  1. Gotta say, Fabio looks a little more like Martina Navratolova. Sounds like an ambitious weekend to me. And I'm dying to see your Before and After photos!

  2. Fabio doesn't look so fabulous any more. Looks like you had a great weekend!

  3. How awesome is the club, right? I've never seen it so packed like it was on Memorial Day!
    Your Fabio photo cracked me up! And Whole Foods? Another awesome addition to our neighborhood!!

  4. So glad you got to relax! I totally missed Fabio. Damn!

  5. You are so all-American! Even Fabio looks very wholesome in your post! :)

  6. You had such a fun weekend! Much more exciting than ours! I love all the photos...We went to the new WF last week too...LOVE it!!!

  7. I love relaxing weekends... haven't had one in a while, but sure as heck need one.


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