Saturday, May 12, 2012

Time-Saving Tool For Mother's Day

I am always looking for the hottest time saving tools. Who isn't?

Simplify your life with the time saving tools from a Windows phone. Using a phone to organize your life is just like having your own personal assistant right in your back pocket. I got a new Windows phone for Mother's Day, and I am already having fun using it to organize my boys baseball schedules.

The Windows phone has a camera button that bypasses the lock screen for superfast photography. Taking pictures with a Windows phone is easy for any mom. Just shoot and share their photos online in just a few seconds. There is also SkyDrive for preserving those precious memories captured on your phone.

There is a People Hub (or Me Tile) on the Windows phone that provides updates from all your social media sites right on the front page of the home screen. This eliminates all the time clicking, on the various social media apps to keep up with your family and friends.

Keep up with your email anywhere around town is easy with the Windows phone. Moms can link all their inboxes to be accessible right from the phone. There is also an easy way to setup group text messages. Group all your friends into one group, and just one text message to the whole group for planning your next play date at the park.

The phone is loaded with tons of apps including Skype, Thumba Photo editor, Hand Crafted, Netflix and more!

Our favorite Windows phone Mother's Day recommendation is the HTC Radar 4G. It has a 3.8" high-resolution touch-screen, 5MP camera with flash, 1 GHz processor, and is preloaded with entertainment apps.

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