Saturday, May 12, 2012

We had a wild time at Disney's Animal Kingdom #DisneySMmoms

Disney's Animal Kingdom was one of the most magical experiences we had in the Disney World parks. The park far exceeded our expectations of we were expecting to get from our visit. Free roaming animals, cultural diverse environment, and lush tropics surround the park.

There were fascinating sculptures around the park that captivated our children's attention.

We had an opportunity to get closer to wild animals than we had ever been in our lifetime.

During our short stay in Florida, we returned to this park three times. The park is also home to my children's favorite ride at Disney World: Everest! My children loved this ride so much that they rode is 36 times!

Be careful of the Yeti!

The lush landscaping inspired my children's curiosity. After leaving Animal Kingdom they kept talking about their aspirations to travel the world, and learn more about the different types of animals on our Earth.

Our dancing loving daughter learned more about dancing in the few minutes she participated in this cultural presentation than her heart had ever imaged. After taking the year off from her dancing classes, she was ready to start dancing right after our return from Disney World.

The visit to the park would not have been complete without the enjoyment of a delicious ice cream!

And plenty of animal education..

When the sun began to set over Florida, we were sad to leave the park. We have this picture on our kitchen refrigerator to remind us of this special moment we had as a family on a bridge within the Animal Kingdom Park.

We were offered an invitation to attend the Disney Social Media Event, and did pay a fee for the conference and travel expenses. As an attendee of the conference we did receive complimentary items, food, and various park benefits. All of our thoughts and opinions are of our own.


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