Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Guess What? Children are already on Facebook!

Photo courtesy of ilovebrooklyn under the creative commons license
The US Politicians are putting Facebook under fire for trying to figure out a way for children under the age of 13 to use their social network - but guess what?? They already are!

There are so many of my friends children who have been on Facebook for years that are well under the age of 13. In fact, one of our good friends has his baby on Facebook!

I once fell into the trap of allowing my child to use Facebook. When my son was coming home from school eager to start mowing crops with his friends on the social network, I was not crazy about having hundreds of Farmville requests posting on my Facebook page.

So, yes, I did it. Was it the right choice? No!

My children have never been allowed on the internet without me present. While watching my son play Farmville, I started seeing strange friend requests coming in for my son. After about a week, I realized that my husband and I had made a bad parenting decision by allowing our son on Facebook to play Farmville with his friends.

Are his other friends still on Facebook? Most of them - yes.

I interviewed my neighbor who has been on Facebook since she was in Elementary school, and this is how she feels about Facebook.


  1. Great video Shelby! The girls are too sweet and yet also a stark reminder that they're just that, little girls who don't (in my opinion) have the maturity level to use a social media outlet like Facebook. I just don't see the point in letting kids so young be on it.

  2. I won't be having any Facebooking kids around here. Not until they're well into High School.

  3. Shelby I think this is your best post ever. You have solidified my decision not to allow my children to have a Facebook account until high school. I know it's gonna get hairy around middle school, but as God is my Witness I'm holding out. I loved the interview as well. Funny, well-edite and informational. You rock!

    1. I think Middle School is when most of the kids really push to get on Facebook. You are super sweet! Thank you!!

  4. My kids won't be on FB for a very very very long time!

  5. I have a high schooler and jr.high on my hands and both have had facebook for about two years. We have moved a lot and it is a great way for them to keep in touch with their friends. I of course have over 30+ family members that have friended them as well, which means lots of protection and people that will tell me if my kids have stepped out of line and I missed it. I also have the passwords to their accounts. Since I am home all day and go to college online this means they only get time when we allow it, the computer is also in the living room so we can all see everything typed. My oldest uses it to chat with his friends, my younger child (remember I have 4 but only 2 are on FB) she uses it to play some of the games and chat with two friends. Love your post Shelby!

  6. I should mention the only real time they get on FB is during the Spring, Summer and Fall break the schools have.


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