Monday, August 20, 2012

The Love Jar

There is such a short time that we have with our kids before they grow-up. I was watching my kids grow so fast, that I wanted to spend every second of the summer with them. I decided not to enroll them in any summer camps. It sounded like a good idea in the beginning, until the sibling fighting began. Yes, we did get extremely close. With closeness also comes bickering and sibling spats.

Instead of punishing the kids for the fighting, I decided to start rewarding them for their good behavior.We started the "Love Jar." I sat down together with the kids and made this special jar. Whenever the kids feel that their sibling has made them feel "loved," then they will put a marble in the jar. When the jar overflows we will celebrate their love with a special treat of their choice.


  1. I love love LOVE the idea of the "love jar." And what a great way to promote the giving of compliments and learning to recognize when one is feeling appreciated, too.


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