Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meet Your Professor Day

Andrew got the teacher he wanted!

Today was an extremely exciting day for my kids - they finally got to meet their teachers for next year. They kicked-off the start of the school year with a fun "meet your professor" day. All of the classes at their charter school represent a college for the school year as part of the schools curriculum. They feel that if children learn about the different Colleges throughout elementary school that they are more likely to know what College they want to attend far before their senior year in High school.

Ella with her teacher

Last year Ella's class was Georgia Tech, and she got so excited about the University that she can't stop talking about wanting to apply when she is ready to graduate high school (she is only eight).  I had homeschooled her through the schools independent study program last year, so it is going to be hard not having her home with me this year. I am going to miss my little "social media maven."

Tyler with his teacher

The hardest thing about this year - is saying "good-bye" to my baby. Tyler will be starting Kindergarten, and I am excited (and sad) all rolled into one. I already have a box of tissues stashed away in my purse for tomorrow.


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