Sunday, September 2, 2012

Operation Storage Unit Clean Out

This is a result of having a baby during a move (hence boxes that still have not been unpacked in 8 years), all of our massive holiday decorations, and of course the famous baby stuff. After a couple of years of dumping every item the kiddos grew out of into this storage unit, it got seriously out of control.

I would get calls from Steve telling us about how he got hit on the head with a car seat, and other random injuries. Every time I would hear about a friend having a baby, we have give away what we could from the storage unit. It just has not been enough.

We are just simply tired of spending $180 to store stuff we have just been too busy to go through, so we attempted "operation storage unit clean out" this weekend. After two hours, two trips to the Goodwill, and two trips to Children's Orchard, we can finally see the floor!

We did not do our clean out without having some fun with the random things we found along the way. Stay tuned for a hopefully cleaned out storage unit soon!


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