Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Real Women Wear Jeggings

Ever since having children, my weight is like a yo-yo. One month it is high - the next month it is low. The biggest problem that I struggle with is finding clothes that fit me well, so I decided to try my first pair of (shhhhh!!!) jeggings. That is right - Jeggings!! I had to realize that there is nothing wrong with wanting to be comfortable in my clothes. I am climbing on jungle gyms, chasing after the dog and always on the go. Wearing a pair of tight uncomfortable jeans is just not working for me as a mom.

I went with my mini fashion advisor, (my daughter Ella) to purchase my first pair of jeggings at Walmart. I will be honest that I have never purchased clothes for myself at Walmart. I have purchased a lot of Walmart clothes for the kids but never for myself. You can see a photo album of my entire shopping trip in my Google Plus story.

When I explored the Women's department, I was surprised to see so many cute outfits. They had huge selections of jeans (including jeggings) cute tops and more. I wanted to keep the cost of my new outfit to under $50, and I was able to get an entire out with accessories for $38.72.

I learned the key to disguising that I was wearing a pair of jeggings was to get a longer top or sweater. Also, by wearing a piece of jewelry it will attract people to look up. I love my new swanky outfit, and when I told my girlfriends I got it at Walmart they were all surprised to learn that Walmart has cute clothes....and that jeggings CAN look fashionable. 

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  1. Those look really good, and stylish, too! I have the same issue with my weight going up and down. It's so weird, too, because pants that fit 2 days ago, won't fit today! Going to check out the jeggings at Walmart for sure.

  2. Very darling. I love how you styled them and wear them boldly!!

  3. Very cute. I love the way you paired it with such a cute sweater and necklace.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I didn't even know Walmart's Faded Glory had such cute jeggings. Like you said, I always get my kids clothes from there but I've never really bought anything other than seasonal t-shirts for myself. Looks like I need to check these out!

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