Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2012 Social Media Election with Sony #SonyMoms

Last night was a tremendous night for the Country with the 2012 Election. My kids were learning all about the election in school, and were eager to come vote with us. Even though, we had free childcare at our polling location, they still came with us into the booth to watch us cast our votes.

I enjoyed giving our children the opportunity to watch us let our voice be heard in the Presidential and local election. There were so many notable props this year, and while in the booth we learned that our kids knew just as much as we did on the different props.

Later we went home to watch the election as a family. Since we just installed a new Sony TV in our home over the weekend, we were able to watch it in high definition. It was just like being right there with the President as he accepted his next four year term.

The coolest feature that we learned about the TV this weekend was its ability to have social integration. Since social media played such a crucial role in this election, we were able to follow the Twitter feed right on our TV while watching the full election coverage.

We were able to watch the election on both media outlets all on one television. The children got a chance to see what people were talking about in the newsroom, but also what people were talking about across the world with social media - thanks to the technology of Sony.

Disclosure: We were provided with a Sony TV for review purposes only as part of the Sony Moms program. All our photos, thoughts and opinions are of our own.


  1. So cool! We were using the Sony Tablet. That is an awesome way to view the election.

  2. That is super cool! No need to have TV, phone, tablet, and computer all hooked up and cluttering up the living room. This would come in handy during the Oscars, too!

  3. Forget the TV (although it is cool). What I think is fabulous is that you took your kids in with you to watch you vote! As a poll worker, I love seeing families come in together. What a terrific way to build our kids' interest in voting!

  4. WOW, that is amazing. I love EVERYTHING SONY! Awesome that your kids got to go with you to vote. We mailed ours in, but watched the results pour in with the munchkins.


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