Friday, November 16, 2012

Bringing History to Life in Lincoln

I had the immense pleasure of previewing the movie Lincoln. I personally feel that this film will most likely be the picture of the year come awards time. 

The movie truly brought the history we all have read of Abraham Lincoln abolishing slavery to the big screen in such a tasteful and life like fashion. As I sat in awe and watched all the history lessons I had learned as a young student unfold in living color, I was just amazed at the outstanding acting and the special effects of this film. I saw this movie the day after the elections and after watching this movie, it restored my true love for this Country and the great leaders in our history that have fought for all of our freedom. 

 Lincoln is not just another movie in the theaters it will be an icon that generations will want to watch time and again.

Lincoln is in theaters today!

This article was contributed by Steve Barone. Steve is a father of three children, and a history lover. Steve was provided with a media ticket to preview the film. There was no compensation for this post and all his thoughts are of his own.


  1. Thank you for sharing your opinion about the movie :) I watched it a long time ago, and this post make me want to watch again :)
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