Monday, November 12, 2012

Embracing the Imperfections in Life

Life with three kids active children can have many chaotic moments. As I continue to grow as a parent, I have learned that the most chaotic moments, are the ones that the kids and I cherish the most. With the chaos, there usually comes laughter. The laughter that comes deep from the pit of the stomach - the laughter that gets muted with everyday life.

Today was one of those days where everything that could go wrong did - but in a good way. Instead of getting upset about the imperfections of the day, I embraced them.  If the day was straightforward and went as we planned, we would never have the lifelong memories we created today.

Today was a reminder to let-go of trying to create a "perfect" day with the kids. A reminder to live life one moment at a time, making every moment count.

What tips do you have for dealing with chaotic days with your children?


  1. When my kids were little, there were some days that were just unmanageable. If it was summer, I'd send them in the backyard to play with water, getting dirty and messy and having a great time. If it was cold out, I'd dump out their huge basket of little people - from disney toys to transformers - and we'd have a party with them. Sometimes kids just need to let loose, just like their parents!

    1. We go to the park often. It helps all of us to stay happy and healthy.

  2. I totally go with the flow and I choose my battles. Yesterday I had an errand to run at the mall. I took all 3 kids, without an agenda or a plan and we had a great day. I went with the flow and did whatever the kids wanted. It was one of the best days we've had in a long, long time.

  3. I usually do whatever it takes to wear my Critter out! I have sat at a mall before and let him run around in circles until he was tired enough to comply with his orders :)

  4. breathing. SOmetimes you get so busy you literally forget to breathe. The old saying "don't sweat the small stuff" didn't mean anything to me until I became a mom. And really, it is all small stuff. Just have fun and in the end breathe.


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