Friday, November 23, 2012

Extreme Makeover Garage Edition

Last year I got up at 2am and went out shopping for the Black Friday Sales. While digging through a tub of $5 pajamas at Target I accidentally got elbowed in the nose, and blood ruined the entire bin a pajamas. At that moment, I learned that it was not worth the savings so this year I did all my shopping online. I was completely done with all my shopping before Thanksgiving dinner ever hit the table - and it was awesome!

So what did I do instead of shopping today? I converted my messy garage into a play room/office. It was so much work, and involved the help of my friends - but now I have one of the coolest offices in Orange County. It is an office with its own built-in preschool room.

Now I can be productive at work while the kids play right by my side! I am now a supercharged work-at-home mom!!!


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