Saturday, November 3, 2012

John C. Reilly Brings Wreck-it-Ralph to Life

If your family is going to see Wreck-it-Ralph this weekend, I guarantee you are going to fall in love with the main character, Ralph, played by John C. Reilly. I felt that he is so perfect for the character and when asked about it Reilly said, "It was a process of becoming perfect for the character, or the character becoming perfect for me."

There was a lot of ideas that were tossed around when designing the character Ralph, "At one point I was a horned monster with orange skin. It was a video game character, so it could be anything. All I had to be was the bad guy." says Reilly. He watched all these different versions come around, and he watched all these ideas come out on paper. He was an integral part of the development of his character.

The character is so similar to the personality of John C. Reilly because the filmmakers all brought him into the story meetings, accepted his ideas and let him improvise a lot during the filming process. They also filmed him while he was recording his voice. They used a lot of his motions being used during the recordings to help design his character, Ralph. "You work so hard on something you want to feel like you a part of the whole team, not just someone who comes in and says words." Says Reilly.

He told the director Rich Moore, "If I could have an office at Disney and do this every day as a job, I would perfectly be so happy. I like being creative and using my voice to tell stories."

Wreck-it-Ralph is now playing in theaters. Don't miss it this weekend!

Disclosure: We were offered time to interview John C. Reilly at a press junket for Wreck-it-Ralph. We were not compensated for this post, and all our thoughts and opinions are of our own.


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