Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Protect the Club Penguin Island From Destruction

I am The Kids are huge Club Penguin Fans. For their weekly video game time, they almost always pick Club Penguin to play. Currently the Club Penguin Island has been under attack, and they are need of more secret agents to help save the island - before it is too late.

The notorious villain, Herbert P. Bear,  has built a solar laser that is taking the sunlight away from Club Penguin. Rumors of Herbert's plan first leaked on twitter when Herbert announced his plans of world domination. 

Penguins that want to help save the Club Penguin Island can help by taking special 'Elite Penguin Force' assignments, collect spy gear and more.

This event has been the biggest party of all time with:

Come join the Elite Penguin Force and help save the island until December 4th.

Photos courtesy of Disney Interactive.


  1. I have never heard about this game, it's so interesting. Thank you for sharing!
    le lenny face


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